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Individual counseling helps you to deepen your understanding and find solutions

in a safe and supportive setting. I work collaboratively to help you move forward

in a direction that is right for you. Over the past 25 years of practice, I have 

developed an interest and expertise in working with a range of issues:


  • Identifying goals and effecive strategies to achieve them         

  • Making difficult decisions

  • Working through sadness and grief

  • Overcoming depression and anxiety

  • Recovering from destructive relationships

  • Working through anger and conflict

  • Healing from trauma

  • Eating issues and body image

  • Support for recovering from physical illnesses

  • Raising self-esteem

  • Parenting strategies















Counseling and psychotherapy can help you work through whatever you are up against. You can move past blocks, get unstuck, feel more balanced, feel less angry, anxious or depressed, have more ease in decision making and enjoyment in relationships. When you reflect on your inner experience, in an empathic relationship, you can tap into more of your resources of feeling and thinking to move through problems and take the next steps of change and growth. Focusing on inner experience brings a shift to a deeper awareness about issues, that brings new insights and steps in solving problems. Scroll down to learn more about various therapy options I offer: individual, couples, and adolescent therapy. Most insurance types are accepted.


                        COUPLES THERAPY

Creating and maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult. Yet, under the right conditions, we have the natural ability to have satisfying and enriching relationships Couples therapy can help remove the blocks to intimacy, shift stuck patterns and nurture connection. It can help change a cycle of blame and dissatisfaction and allow you to deal better with challenges such as:



  • Conflict resolution

  • Enhancing intimacy

  • Improving communication

  • Increasing satisfaction

  • Balancing work and life

  • Pre-marital counseling




 Adolescents need real-life answers to help them deal with real problems such as bullying, depression, violence,  body image issues, family stresses and much more. The pressure on today’s kids to fit in, excel, and figure out  how to grow into adults can be overwhelming.


 Yet research with teens shows that when we support social and emotional development we foster their mental  health and prevent and reduce behavioral problems. My counseling services are designed to promote social-emotional wellness, and to protect and strengthen the mental health and resilience of teens and families.




To schedule a therapy appointment contact Marsha, or 847/323-1717.






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