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Comments of Individual therapy clients:


" I got a lot out of all the sessions with you and it has inspired me to tune into myself much more. I wouldn't be in this better place without my conversations with you."-AK


" I contacted Marsha because I was looking for someone to help me find a sense of direction and control in my life. As we talk she offers gentle prompts to point me to the answers within myself. At one session, after having been through two weeks of neck and shoulder pain, in talking about my feelings and thoughts, she asked me to pause and notice where I feel the emotions in my body. I could feel my neck slowly releasing. This felt sense she prompts me to find, often leads me to insights and 'solutions' that I know within myself." -JB


" Marsha has an intuitive sense of how to gently guide me to help myself and find clarity in my thinking. Marsha is a compassionate listener and a caring and kind person. I am truly grateful to have found Marsha. I would recommend her to anyone in need of an advocate of his or her own spirit and inner knowing. Marsha will listen, respect and empower you."-JC

Client Testimonials

Participant comments about Focusing and Mindfulness Training


Focusing taught me a profound way to use my body's wisdom for healing and growth."-Nancy Floy, President, Heartwood Center


"Focusing is one of the few things I've learned in years that I'll keep. Focusing has real value for me."-KH


"Through learning Focusing and Mindfulness with you, I've become aware there's a lot more to being me. In being open to more areas of my experience, I'm becoming a more complete, whole person."-VH



To schedule Mindfulness and Focusing training or to schedule a therapy appointment, contact Marsha, or 847/323-1717.

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