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 Your Mind, Body and Spirit

 Workshops and training for the community and for health care professionals.

  Recent workshops:











April 21st, 9:30 to 4:30. 

Felt Meaning and Transforming Fear                                


A w​orkshop for therapists ​​ healing professionals ​ and others.​

Reactions to fear often happen without pausing to let a felt sense of the situation form.

Focusing is a mindful way to let a felt sense form, before ‘reacting’ with the limited set of usual options

​such as ​fight ​or flight. ​In this workshop participants will learn how a “bodily felt” sense can produce

an opening to more meaning and new options for going forward.

Friday, April 21, 9:30 to 4:30. Heartwood Center, 1818 Dempster, Evanston, IL  

An experiential training for therapists, healing and health practitioners, teachers, and all those interested

to learn a powerful process for personal, spiritual and therapeutic growth.

Participants will experience new ways to constructively work with fear and anxiety:

  • Learning how to contact a bodily felt sense and allow the body to express new


  • Recognizing phases that unfold naturally in therapy that

    ​allow clients to make steps of change​​

  • Learning ways to help others “be with” the experience of fear that leads to

    ​emotional transformation​


Focusing Therapy Training Program for Healing Professio

A client-centered, experiential, body-centered process of self-awareness and emotional

healing for self care and working with clients. CEU’s for social workers and counselors.                                                                                      

Here’s What You’ll learn:  


A practical, step-by-step method for working through problems or stuck situations and f

inding relief, insight, and new steps of action, and ways to help your clients do this too.


Powerful body-centered methods to help self-regulate and find new possibilities and authentic

steps of change.


In a small consultation group, there will be guided practice and discussion to allow you to use methods

for your self careand your work with clients.



Recent Workshops:

April 29, 2016, .

The Essence of Change:
For psychotherapists, body workers, coaches, and other professional healers.
This workshop will demonstrate skills of Focusing Oriented Therapy, (FOT),
body-centered, mindfulness based psychotherapy and ways to integrate these powerful prcesses into your practices..
contact Marsha for more information and or to register.

Unity of Chicago, Spring, 2015, which was sponsored by the Heartwood

Foundation Women & Cancer Program.There was a lively

participant said that the guided mindfulness practice helped "to acknowledge my

stressful emotions and at the same time set them aside. The process helped me feel more 

relaxed and peaceful and bigger than my problems."

                 Access Inner Resources: stories from students and clients

I teach self-care practices and provide therapy to help with a variety

of emotional and social challenges, including relationships issues, anxiety, depression, parenting, work, loss and grief, and coping well

with health issues. I work with adults and couples. Just the self-help practice of mindfulness can bring a gentle shift from being static and stuck to an easing and an opening, which is a good starting point for exploring feelings.

After learning about inner resources of mindfulness and focusing, people often report a change in how they listen to their body and emotions, which

helps them open up feelings that they hadn’t been able to feel before. 

To quote one person:

"Instead of being bothered when I notice an ‘uncomfortable’ sensation, now I'm curious and pay attention and then it often releases and becomes clearer what it's about, which is sometimes about feelings that I had not been able to fully feel before. I’ve learned to check in with my body and the sensations I'm experiencing, which has led me to new information and options when I'm at an impasse within myself."


Often by paying attention to sensations and feelings non-judgmentally,

it becomes possible to experience new feelings and energy that the body was holding. From another client:


 "After having been through two weeks of neck and shoulder pain, in talking about my feelings and thoughts, you invited me to notice where I feel the emotions in my body. I could feel my neck slowly releasing. This "felt sense" you prompt me to find, often leads to insights and 'solutions' that I know within myself." 


" I got a lot out of all the sessions with you and 
it has inspired me to tune into myself much more. I wouldn't be in this better place without my conversations with you."-AK


" I contacted Marsha because I was looking for someone to help me find a sense of direction and control in my life. As we talk she offers gentle prompts to point me to the answers within myself. "-JB


" Marsha has an intuitive sense of how to gently guide me to help myself and find clarity in my thinking. She's a compassionate listener and a caring and kind person. I would 

recommend her to anyone in need of an advocate of his or her own spirit and inner knowing. Marsha will listen, respect and empower you."-JC

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